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Get Started with Data Science

27th November - 9th December 2023

Course Objectives

Learn the fundamentals of data science and gain hands-on experience playing in the role of the data scientist to build a machine learning model. Understand how data is used to measure the impact of CO2 emissions on our planet.

What Will You Do?

Through a series of 4 workshops, you will learn the role of a data scientist and build a data science project through challenges in each session, which you may complete as a team or as an individual. Your project will be to explore the impact of CO2 emissions on global temperature. You’ll complete each step from data ingestion, cleansing, and preparation, to training machine learning models and generating insights, and then consume those insights using visualization tools such as Microsoft Power BI.

Data Science and AI: What do Siri, the Simpsons and your doctor have in common? Learn the foundations of data science and advanced analytics – how data is used to build insights and artificial intelligence.

Data extraction and cleaning: Learn the first steps to prepare data and train a model. In this session, you take the role of a data engineer/scientist who has been given the task to explore, clean, and transform a dataset containing our data. You will prepare the data to build a machine learning model at scale on a large dataset working with TensorFlow, Pytorch, and with the help of some Python libraries.

Regression: Read the future without a crystal ball. We will show you the principles of one of the main data science problems — regression. Learn how analyse data with PowerBI: how to identify outliers in your data, how to group data together, and how to perform a time series analysis. You will work with data set to analyse the impact of CO2 emissions on global temperature.

Classification: Learn how to create an artificial brain. Build an artificial neural network of distinguishing images of two different classes (dogs and muffins). How do we work with images as a data source? What is the architecture of a neural network and how do we train it? How do we know if the classification was successful? In the final workshop, we will provide a notebook with an implemented convolutional neural network for you to play with and understand how changes affect the results.

Recommended Age: 14 -19 yrs

This course is suitable for beginners with no experience in data analysis or coding, as well as those with coding experience who want to learn about data science. Students should be comfortable with basic maths principles.

Course Participation & Certificates

Students may team up with other course participants to work on the session challenges. At the end of the course, students that complete the challenges will receive a course certificate that can be used on LinkedIn or CV.

This course will be led by data experts from Elastacloud, who are pioneers in data, working with leading brands to transform business with data and AI. Elastacloud is a Microsoft Solutions Partner, globally renown for its expertise in data and sustainability.

  • Raquel Hernando, Business Intelligence Engineer, Elastacloud
  • Eva Mariscal, Data Engineer, Elastacloud
  • Jose Puche, Data Engineer, Elastacloud

This course takes place over 4 sessions on the following dates and times:

  • Monday, Nov 27th @ 4:00-5:00pm GMT
  • Wednesday, Nov 29th @ 4:00-5:00pm GMT
  • Monday, Dec 4th @ 4:00-5:00pm GMT
  • Saturday, Dec 9th @ 10:30am -12:30pm GMT

To join this course, choose between one of the following tickets and purchase using the box below:

  1. Digital Academy: £100. This includes 4 online sessions to learn the fundamentals of data science and gain hands-on experience. All sessions are recorded, so you can catch up if any sessions are missed.

  2. Digital Academy + Digital Camp: £200. This includes 4 online sessions for the course as above, plus a 1-day Digital Camp experience taking place both online and in London on Dec 9th from 9:30am-5:00pm GMT. At Digital Camp, you will have the opportunity to join additional workshops on UX Design, AI, and Python, and work with mentors to start developing your own project. Workshops are suited for all skill levels, from creatives with no digital experience to advanced coders. You and your team will pitch to a panel of professionals for a chance to win support to bring your project to life through our Digital Incubator.

You will need a PC or Mac with video camera plus charging cables.

A Microsoft Power BI subscription (free account available with Microsoft Fabric)

Under 18’s require a consent form by a parent / guardian. 

Research Study

We are conducting a research study with the Digital Camp, Digital Incubator, and Digital Academy with Dr. Jonathan Beale (Oxford, Harvard), Dr. Iro Konstantinou (Eton College), and Dr. Michael Mannino (Flow Research Collective) to test how digital education and purpose-driven programmes can impact academic resilience, performance, and flow in young people as well as growth and development in mentors. Participants will be invited to complete surveys and offer feedback or may opt out of the study.

Our Mission

We aim to inspire a love of learning with young people about technology and support their journeys to first work experiences. We believe it is critical to create an engaging and inclusive environment for girls, which are under-represented in both STEM and in leadership roles.

We’re on a mission to build a sustainable education programme offering skills development and work opportunities for boys and girls of any age through a co-funded model with socially responsible businesses, educational organisations, and government.

This programme is a pilot supported by Vodafone, Microsoft, Elastacloud and volunteers from the tech and business community. Proceeds from the Digital Academy are helping to raise funds to enable us to build a sustainable programme to support students to launch their own businesses. We greatly value your support and feedback. 

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Build foundational knowledge in data, AI, digital connectivity, sustainability, and games development. Develop projects, gain work experience, and earn a certificate through our courses. 

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